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I would like to take this opportunity to invite your family to be a part of a new pilot program I am running for the rest of the school year. It is a life coach and mentoring program.
Here is some information for you to get started


Limited space available

If you are wanting to set up a meeting please contact me directly

For How Long?

This is an ongoing process, you can do on a yearly basis or bi-yearly. It is recommended you stay with the program for the entire school year.

Although I do offer three times sessions in order to make this program accessible for everyone.



The initial fee of $145 is for site down with all the parties involved. This sessions lasts from 1 to 1.5 hours.

Each session is one on one.

There is some session per month.

A three times session package would be $180 plus a $145 initial site down with all parties involved

Questions & Answers

1Where do these meetings take place?
Well we have 3 options
  1. At the individuals' home
  2. At dojang
  3. Sometimes out for lunch or to a gallery.
We will utilize all three unless otherwise indicated.
2Will this be an additional workload on my son/daughter?
Yes and No. This is meant to be a fun activity while the whole time a learning experience.
3Are there grades for the work?
No Grades. Only life lessons learned, there are no right and wrong answers in the coaching process. This is positive re-enforcement nurturing and fostering natural leadership skills. Clients are responsible for their own achievement and success. The client takes actions, and coach may assist, but never leads or does more than clients. There, a coach cannot and does not promise that a client will take any specific action or attack specific goals. Professional coaching is not counseling, therapy or consulting.
4What are your qualifications?
Robert as taught 500,000 martial art classes, which cover a vast range of personal development teaching as well as a "never give up" attitude. Everything from kinetic body movement to health and nutrition are covered in a typical martial arts class.
Life it self... Plus1000's of hours of meditation, as well Robert has participated in 100's of day/week courses.
5At what age do find it appropriate for kids to startup wit your program?
As early as 5 years, thus starting young to establish good habits. I take kids and youth into the program at age 5 - 18. At 18 you would enter the Adult Coaching or Business Coaching program.
6Robert's Personal Life;
Robert is a successful business entrepreneur, opening 5 martial arts schools, a lifestyle store, started a magazine and opened a commercial art gallery in the last 15 years.
7Is there confidentiality between kids/youth and yourself?
No, the parents have every opportunity to know what is going on at all time, as well as the direction of the coaching and mentoring. This is a program you sign your kids up for; therefore


Contact Us

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