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Life is about choices & making the right decisions.
I would like to invite your family to be a part of a powerful life coach & mentoring program I created.
Here is some information to get started.
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Work Ethic / Drive / Motivation / Vision & Goal Setting

1School / Goals / Dreams
Establishing healthy habits at an early age. Lets get the ball rolling!
2Building a positive attitude
A positive attitude causes an immediate reaction of thoughts, and outcomes. A catalyst of events which will lead to extraordinary results.
Ultimately you are responsible for the choices you make. Remember..... Integrity is doing the right thing. You can make the best of any situation for everyone involved, when you have the necessary skills.
4The Power of Positive Thinking
Nurturing these ideas through discussion and accountability. Coming from a role model makes a difference. The Certus life coaching and mentoring program fosters these dreams, goals, and vision. I hear Parents say, “It means a lot coming from you!” & “I’m glad you called them on that” While we both have the same message, coming from a mentor is effective and allows the parent to nurture a trustworthy relationship with their kids.
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The Certus Achievement Program is a present & future focused practice.

The aim is to help Kids & Youth Gain Confidence, Discipline, as well as achieve personal life goals. . 

This is an ongoing process, constantly building a positive attitude and gaining perspective.

The Certus Program looks like this;

A. Let's start with the mind. Meditation / Understanding the Enzo circle.

B. Let's actually talk about "Confidence" our program teaches self respect.

C. Discipline is a Major part of the Answer, Building A Vision Board

D. Learn the important skill of making the best first impression.

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"The Certus Program opened up the door to self-care"

"This program provided the foundation on which I build my courage and confidence"

"I left my session feeling empowered"

"Robert is so kinda and friendly to the students and their families. He knows how to teach students according to their own individual character"

"Think certus has been a great learning experience for our children. It has helped them discover the importance of concentration, discipline, and hard work"

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    The Certus Achivement Program



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